SteelSeries Alias Pro Review: A Newbie-Friendly XLR Microphone and Interface

For streamers, Sonar takes on a brand new position as a sound mixer for broadcasting through the Streaming toggle. The app can absorb as much as 5 audio inputs, remix them, and output the combined sign. It is a job that is typically dealt with by both a bodily mixing board, or in apps like OBS, however Sonar has some additional instruments to equalize audio alerts in a simplified interface.

Most streaming apps solely have rudimentary instruments for mixing audio ranges from completely different sources. Sonar takes this idea a step additional. For every of the 5 inputs Sonar can combine, you possibly can set separate equalizer settings tuned to the kind of audio you are sending the app. So, for instance, you possibly can apply one EQ to online game audio, a unique one to your microphone, and one other to your workforce chat through apps like Discord.

SteelSeries offers some presets tailor-made to a number of in style video games, like Valorant, Fortnite, and CS: GO. Just a few of those presets are particularly designed to spotlight sure sounds, just like the CS: GO preset, which elevates a number of the greater frequencies used when an enemy locations a bomb. I am more of an Overwatch guy, and lots of the presets–together with the Overwatch 2 one–are extra fundamental EQ changes, so I am unable to converse to how efficient they’re at offering a aggressive benefit.

Nevertheless, these instruments are notably helpful for streamers, since you possibly can modify sport audio so it does not overpower your voice. It is a frequent trick used in video editing. Merely turning down the quantity of background music or sport audio is just so efficient in case your voice and the background noise are occupying the identical frequencies. With audio source-specific EQ, broadcasters can tweak their audio so viewers can hear them with out crushing the sound from the sport they’re taking part in.

There are additionally a number of source-specific options for decreasing background noise. The at the moment early entry Clearcast AI noise cancellation is designed to eradicate seems like whirring followers and clicking keyboards, with out disrupting talking voices.

In my assessments, it was pretty good at this, and it did not essentially make voices sound unnatural. Nevertheless, I believe there could also be a component of subjective style right here. For me, the sound of furiously clacking keyboards throughout a high-octane second is a key a part of the soundscape, so eradicating it may really sound extra unnatural, however that actually will depend on what sort of video games you are taking part in and what stream you are attempting to placed on, so your mileage might differ.

The one draw back to Sonar–on Home windows, anyway–is that to perform, it successfully takes over your checklist of audio units. Earlier than organising the Alias Professional, I had two sound units in my taskbar: my desktop audio system and a pair of wired headphones. After organising Sonar, I had eight. Most of those are labeled “SteelSeries Sonar – [device] (SteelSeries Sonar Digital Audio System),” the place “system” is changed with one of many 5 audio inputs Sonar can handle, like Gaming, Microphone, or Chat.

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